Tuesday 17 April 2012

The Office Bathroom Saga Continues!

I guess it's to be expected... why would time change the fact that someone who shares my office's bathroom likes to smear bodily excretions on the walls?

Oh that's right. It hasn't.

The patches and smears of bloody snot have been appearing for some time now, but only recently did a note go up, criticizing whoever was leaving these..."deposits".

This did not have the desired effect. In fact, it spurred her onwards to bolder moves... She smeared bloody snot all over the sign.

I was...displeased.

Yet encouraged! Maybe I had hit I nerve! I went in for the kill with a post it note...

Touché Snot "Lady"...touché.

My immediate thoughts were to remove the sign as it seems to be encouraging her...and replace it with a good ol meme:

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