Thursday 19 April 2012

An Epic Haiku to Hipsters

So what if it's true?
        My Generation's lazy...?
Didn't you raise us?!

If we're a let-down
Do not blame us messengers,
Dear Baby Boomers.

I need a macbook
An iPhone and an iPad
You're so mean to me!!!

I may ride a fixie
But I can't afford a car
Student debt sucks balls.

Facial piercings rule,
Your career advice is moot
You don't own me, Mom!

My earlobes look fine!
Stretching them makes me different!
I'm disenfranchised!!!

My degree in art
Seemed like a great idea once
I'm full of regret

I'm bitter as well
Told we could be anything
That's a blatant lie

Why didn't you say
Working hard is a big part
Of achieving goals?!

 I could have used that
When choosing my major, Dad...
No. I'm not kidding.

lol, omg guys!
ikr wtf yo?
y u no txt back?!

Basement apartment.
I feel you are new low
...That's pretty meta.

Honestly costs far too much
Bums have more than me...

"Things will get better"...
All this misery is great!
Art projects for years!

Look, I am trying
It's a slow uphill battle
Growing up takes time.

If I disappoint,
We should lay the blame, at least
Fifty fifty, guys...

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