Monday, 9 July 2012

Your Monday Morning Cry

Think Mondays are bad? Do ya? Sitting there with your coffee and your delicious grilled veggie wrap? *quietly slides Starbucks americano with whip behind lunch wrap*

WELL, let me help you into the perspective machine. Below are several horribly depressing things that will make your 8hr stint in an air conditioned office look slightly less soul-destroying by comparison:

Claire, Y U make this depressing list?!!!!
...chut up. That's why.

  • Anders Loves Maria - here is a fantastic web comic...the 2nd last comic in the series (once you're all emotionally invested) will break your heart and poop on all the pieces.
  • Hard Fact of Life # 1:  Every person you love will die...pets too.

  • Artax - aka: The moment my innocence died.
  • Hard Fact of Life # 2: Everybody poops. Your mom? Yup. Your grade 8 crush? Yup. The Queen? Oh yea.
immortalized by the interwebz...FOREVER.

  • Hard Fact of Life # 3: You murdered every bee that stung you, by tearing out their guts. Also, you are plunging millions of micro-organisms into acid when you eat. 
  • Hard Fact of Life # 3.5: Feel bad if you are not a vegetarian. I am right there with you.

  • Amy Winehouse - a talented woman who lost to addiction. Feels bad man.
  • Hard Fact of Life # 4: Wolverine was really into Jean Grey...fuck.

And of course, the most weepy moment in cinematic history:

Up - if you don't cry, you are inhuman.

See below to start the healing process:


My husband just pointed out that I forgot about the greatest/saddest comedy sketch ever...for your viewing pleasure tears:

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