Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm an Insane Mudder...

I'm not not in shape...but running 10min non-stop results in looking like I just stepped out of the shower.

I can lift weights, but the only chin up I have ever done was the one I did at age 9.

I can skate, shoot, and body check in hockey...but monkey bars make my arms feel like they are on fire.



My coworker sent me the info and asked if I would like to start a team with him...and I was like:

And my brain was screaming NONONONONONONO! BAD! HURT-Y! OW OW OW OW! But my mouth was like:
...and then I looked at the course...



...well, that's a good question...

What I'm doing is challenging myself in a way that I never have before. I'm attempting something that I honestly don't know if I can complete. I'm scared, and that's good. I'm back at the gym 5 nights a week, pushing myself harder than I ever have because I can see those 12 foot high walls, those uphill runs, and those goddamn monkey bars... and I want to beat them.

I want a terrifying deadline to force me into shape. I want to WANT to be the strongest, fastest, and toughest I have ever been. And the Tough Mudder is a pretty terrifying deadline.

Right now I don't care about time, or placing in the top of my category. I just want to cross that finish line in one piece, grab my beer, and flip the biggest middle finger at every time I felt bad about my body, my fitness, or my dedication.

I will not give up, I will not fail, and I will cross that finish line if only to tell my elementary school gym teacher that a 3 out of 5 was pretty fucking shortsighted.

That's right Mr. Yoshimoto, you can suck this Tough Mudder'

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