Friday, 27 July 2012

Tough Mudder Update


Dafuq is that? Could it be...muscles? YES IT COULD! BWAARRRRRR!

It turns out that hitting the gym 4-5 days a week and adjusting your diet actually has an effect...who knew right?

There are even triceps invited to the arm party. Triceps that are crying from skullcrushers and wide-grip pullups (assisted, sadly). But triceps that are getting stronger, which is new and exciting.

I've also been exercising my game face, which has come along quite nicely:

To be totally honest, I have been avoiding running (naturally), because I hate it. It's not comfortable, it's hot, it's boring, and did I mention I hate it?

Accurate depiction.


Well. I've been working my way through a couch-to-5k iPhone app, and I AM improving, much to my dismay.

Yesterday I squatted 75lbs, or what I imagine a pudgy 9 year old (or fat 7 year old) would be. I'm pretty proud of that. Fat children, take note, I can carry you for 3 sets of 12 trips. ...but no farting on my neck.

Is this some life-changing physical & mental transformation?


But I am impressed with my willpower to get up early, to lift things, and to push through the pain. It's a nice feeling to raise the weights from 45 to 75lbs. And now, if you'l excuse me, I'll go tear apart a raw steak and run naked through the woods, howling.

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