Tuesday 25 September 2012

One Year of Marriage...!

One year ago today, I stood in front of my family and friends, had readings from Neil Gaiman and Mr. Rogers, cried girly tears, and married my partner of 7 years. It was good times.

A year later it's our first anniversary...albeit our 8th together...

Has anything changed? Maybe, maybe not. He is still the awesome guy I met on a George A. Romero set in 2004.. but if it has changed in any way, it's all been for the better.

When we met (very very randomly) on a film set in 2004, all I saw was this redhead guy that I kept bumping into (Evil Dead the Musical, TIFF, etc), but this time we were told to stand in a corner and talk for 45min...and he was wearing a Teen Girl Squad shirt...

Over the next 7 years we dated, saw a woman complaining about PORK in a Korean bbq, moved in together with Mitch's cat, got another cat, got another cat, got engaged, travelled overseas, ate rotten fish, lost loved ones, gained new ones, and stewed in the juices of amateur improv theatre (surprisingly bitter!) :D

I'm so glad I met you Mitch. You challenge me to be better, always make me laugh, and are more supportive than a wonderbra.

...You also make a mean chicken soup with matzoh balls...

What I'm saying is, that this first year of marriage has been good and great, and I'm sure that the years to come will also be grood.

Grood Jorb!

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