Friday 17 August 2012

I am Become Tough Mudder...(almost)

Tomorrow, there will be mud...

At 11:30am tomorrow, my roughly 5 weeks of ACTUALLY going to the gym (and shamelessly avoiding running) will hopefully pay off.

They say it's going to take 3 hrs. I'm aiming for under 6hrs, and hoping that I can make it in 4.

Am I ready...?

Well...In the past few weeks, I've impressed myself. I started off squatting 45lbs (and nearly dying), and this week I squatted 105lbs without breaking a sweat. I went from bench pressing 45lbs (and nearly dying) to 65lb this week (and nearly dying). I'm stronger, faster, and more likely to not die...I hope.

It may not be pretty, and there may be a lot of swearing. But I'll see you all on Monday, as a Tough Mudder.


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