Thursday 19 July 2012

Mogget for Mayor!

You may have seen the news about the Cat Mayor in Alaska...(here ya go!)

Stubbs, the kitty Mayor.

And in light of our awful mayor, Rob Ford, I decided to nominate my cat Mogget for mayor of Toronto!


Why you ask? Well, I think it's pretty obvious...he is a beautiful prince, but whatever, I suppose I can make you a list:


Why Mogget Would be a Better Mayor than Rob Ford:

1) He is better looking. 

2) He would be at every council meeting (provided there was an open can of tuna)

3) Not only would he inspect Gypsy Moth attacks, he would eat them and thus, solve the problem.

4) Mogget loves Pride and the LGBT community, often showing his support with his favourite toy, Pink Mouse.

5) Works well with others, and promotes a positive cuddleplace workplace.

6) No sweat glands...and lord knows we are tired of watching the mayor poach in his own juices...

7) When he opens his mouth, neither bullshit nor vitriol spews forth...only cuteness!

8) Doesn't drive, or even OWN a car! (very environmentally friendly)

9) May not understand mass transit, but neither does the Mayor...

10) Who would you rather snuggle with?:

In short, when you find yourself at the ballot box in 2014, VOTE MOGGET, for a gentler/fluffier/more tuna-filled Toronto!

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