Thursday 7 February 2013

The Banana: Proof of God.

For those of you who somehow missed out on one of the greatest moments in internet history...I present, for your viewing pleasure: Banana, the Atheist's Nightmare!

Yes, that's right. Bananas. I am shitting my pants in fear of the devil right now, folks.

Also, no, you did not imagine that. The homoerotic tension in that video is off the charts. From his banana "insertion" at 0:18, to the face-shot comment at 0:43, to the "STICK A DICK IN MY MOUTH" moment at 0:54, this video is just moments away from a semen-soaked gangbang.

So, like, WAT? You say. I came hurr for to be entertained!" You cry. FINE.

Here is what I tweeted to Kirk Cameron this morning. Enjoy.

If that face tells us anything, it's that I am looking into the face of god...and he looks like a fruit that has been selectively breed by humans over hundreds of years for easy consumption.

*drops the mic*

In other news, here is a collection of photos of our mayor playing with animals.

...Apparently he does not like possums.

And here is my daily gift to you:

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