Monday 29 October 2012

Halloween and Hot Glue Burns!

AKA: How I spent the last 3 weeks.

Halloween. One of the best holidays around. A time where you can dress up and eat (free) candy, run around the city looking insane without repercussion, and where a dinner of rye and coffee crisp is fine. IT'S FINE, OKAY?!

best part of being Canadian.
pure maple-y magic. I cannot stress how great this is.

Last year, I decided to build a costume from the Portal video game series. Things went better than expected...although I did end up filling my lungs with large amounts of finely ground Bondo!

And spray paint.

 And plastic shavings.

But look at that badass-ery!

And who is that sulky Shaun of the Dead? (tee hee)

...this year, I needed to up my game.

Enter...MASS EFFECT. Possibly the greatest video game series of all time:

One of the (many many) awesome things about the Mass Effect series, is the fact that the main character, Commander Shepard, can be played as male OR female (also, gay, straight, or bi!)...and female Shepard, aka FemShep, is the most popular variation.

...oh my god...she's so badass. :D

And so, the costume challenge began!

Dremel-ing foam = horrible fine black dust that permeates most dust masks! Cut to black sneezes and future cancer scares!

But the gauntlets are looking great!

The lower back piece looks good...after 5 hours of work!

Gotta test out the lower front torso and a leg piece!

 Boob mould! This was the source of many heat gun related also turns out you can heat foam enough that it sticks to your skin on contact! Yay for learning curves!

The back piece construction begins...swearing mysteriously coincides...

Spray painting outside to avoid death via Krylon brand spray paint!

Testing zee legs! Thumbs up = huzzah!

It's all coming up Milhouse!

Electroluminescent wire provided by a gangsta auto outfitter in one is surprised.

Shield indicator lights are a go!

Celebrating by spray painting! Hurricane Sandy brings I inhale Krylon brand spray paint in the basement for 2 days...





After I removed my shiny new glasses (I miss my old glasses), it was time for Halloween adventures in whiskey and candy. (oh, I also painted a Nerf gun, and note the fabulous N7 logos that Mitch painted!)

My "intense" face is more of a "I'm a little confused and hungry" face...sigh.

Halloween isn't over quite yet, but Mitch and I had a fantastic Friday/Saturday as Commander Shepard and Breaking Bad's Walter White! I'll see y'all at the Charlotte Room and on Church St on the 31st!

and next year?

Sheet ghost. Definitely.

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