Friday 17 February 2012

At Least I'm Not a Moron.

The other day I got into a conversation with someone, who informed me that to become a television researcher took "a lot" of experience, and that I would have to work "extremely hard" to get a position in that field. My response of "Pffft, my Google-fu is strong young padawan!" was not well received.

But, dear reader, I am not vocalizing out of my bottom... Let me tell you a story about an "experienced researcher" that I worked with a few years ago...

We had to design some 3D lungs. Ok, cool. I think we can all more or less understand how lungs look and function, amiright? NO. NO I AM NOT RIGHT. 

This "experienced" researcher had to be brought in to guide us in what human lungs looked like (shit son, I watched Bill Nye, GTFO). She proceeded to explain that the air sacs that transfer oxygen to the bloodstream (alveoli) were present in only the right lung...because in all the drawings she had found, they only appeared in the right lung, and the left lung appeared to be solid. I kid you not.

How are you still alive? Seriously, that's amazing.


If, by your mid-30s, you don't understand the mechanics of how you breathe you should probably not be in charge of factual research for an educational program that will teach the youth of tomorrow...Just sayin'.

So, while I may not earn as much as her, and while I may not be "cut out" for research, at least I'm not a moron.


Wait. I think that makes it worse...FML.


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    1. It was a very depressing moment of realization...something along the lines of "oh my god...they're in charge...and they're all morons..."