Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mr. Data, Do Not Engage.

I'm going make things a little serious today, folks (sorry, also, deal wit it):

I can't stop myself.

I get on Reddit, I see someone being wrong on the internet, and there's a little voice in my head that nags and nags at me until I step in:

"Excuse me sir, license and registration... Mmhm..,Did you notice the speed at which you were being an uninformed dickbag back there? It was pretty fast. I'm going to have to write you a ticket explaining, in detail, what you did incorrectly."


"U mad bro?"

You're goddamn right I'm mad! ...Bro.

Recently I stumbled onto a thread on Reddit called Mensrights...can you see where this is going? (Yea, it's going there)

The majority of the users in this thread are horrible misogynists trying to cover up their true feelings with half baked arguments and rants about how society is actually repressing men, and that women are too busy earning up to 150% of what men earn (srsly, wtf?!) and should stop being so uppity. Eventually the poster went back and agreed that he "couldn't find" the statistic about a 150% wage, but maintained that women still earned about 105% of what men earn. Dafuq?

I must go, my people need me...SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET (again)!

While I agree that there are a number of areas (mostly in family law re: custody) where men are routinely screwed over, female superiority is NOT the norm in the world. Hell, it isn't even the norm in western society where we're allowed to vote, drive, dress ourselves, marry for love, and not have acid thrown in our faces for rejecting the advances of men...god, we are really oppressing men aren't we?

As my husband points out, JUST DON'T LOOK. There is no way I'm going to change the minds of these internet trolls (and I mean trolls in every sense of the word), but I think ignoring these sentiments is the wrong choice.

"Shit Reddit Says" compiles and highlights some of the more outrageous moments in mensrights:
And as bad as the mensrights posters can be...there is THIS FORUM. Possibly one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen...actually actively encouraging the beating of women.

It's indicative of a growing point of view, and that IS worrisome. The average Reddit user's age is about 20, and for such young guys to hold such disgustingly sexist views...well, that's unnerving. And it's not just online in some nebulous interwebs, it's right here at home... When in 2011 in Toronto we have police officers suggesting that the clothing a woman wears is inviting rape...we have a problem.

Maybe I grew up with unusually great guys, but I have never once felt pressured, attacked, or disrespected by my male friends (way to be nice humans guys!), but obviously there is an attitude that has found a faceless outlet for blatant sexism and misogyny.

My only consolation is that they seem to feel that 4chan is their "White Knight"...

Well, I saw a 4chan post where a guy stole a skull from the Parisian catacombs and skull-fucked it...literally. If that is their definition of having "respect for men's rights and actually stand up for issues" [sic], at least know they are stupid...hopefully too stupid to ever pose a threat to normal, intelligent people who believe in equality.

Internets, I am disappoint.

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