Thursday, 10 May 2012

High Five Team Awesome!

As you may know, my posts have been a little spotty over the past few weeks because I've been preparing to pitch my TV series at the Innoversity Summit.

For Tuesday and Wednesday this week I took part in the summit, attending the pitch competition to watch other categories, listening to panel discussions, workshops, and of course, many many networking opportunities.

Well...I got some news y'all...

Go on...

After competing with some stiff competition in the Scripted Television category...I won.

Yea. I was pretty damn surprised. I wobbled up to the stage mouthing "what the fuck"...which probably wasn't very classy, then babbled something on stage in thanks...which was very classy... and sat down, shaking and wondering how the hell I managed to pull this off.

The answer is pretty simple. Hard work, delusion, and the constant encouragement of my family and friends. So, thank you all for things you've done, or not even realized that you've done. I appreciate it all, and it means the world to me.


What does this mean for the future? Who knows! I'll be doing some development with the CFC, and we'll see where things go from there. I'm thrilled that people out there feel like there's some goodness going on in my noggin, and maybe I'll get the opportunity to share (more of) it with you...BE AFRAID! MWAAHAHAHAHA...*ahem*.

In other news, there was a lot of talk about YouTube channels, webseries, and the viability of those as both a compliment, and an alternative to broadcast... These are things I'd like to explore. Very very muchly.

The interwebs Internet...It's the wild west of media right now, and we don't entirely know how to do it effectively, but I think we're getting close. My husband is not quite as sure, and pointed out:

Damn you South you be so good?

But we're definitely getting to the point that we CAN make money on the internet...with certain YouTube channels holding tens of MILLIONS of views, and millions of subscribers, the ad revenue is at a point where independent creators can viably make content...not too great for broadcasters, but not bad news for creators who don't want to bow down to corporate interests...

If anyone wants to talk shop re: YouTube channels, webseries, and wtf we're doing with our lives...I am on like Donkey Kong.

Let's reflect on the origins of the South Park guys...there's hope for us all:

Naw, I kid. This shit is hilarious, and I gots tha dvd to prove it.

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