Friday, 30 March 2012

The Friday Series...and: Street Criticisms!

Hello hello!

Welcome to Friday March 30th, the day when Rick Santorum was (finally) caught on camera calling Obama an n-word. Yup. What a disgusting excuse for a human being:

Wow. America, please stop supporting this waste of skin.

In other news, I went out for lunch yesterday around 3pm. I was feeling hungry, but not ravenous, and since it was so late I knew I'd be having dinner soon. I thought to myself, "Maybe a coffee and a muffin would be a good choice instead of a full meal..." But I wasn't really feeling the muffins in the shop. Then I noticed they had yogurts, and a few fruit salads, so I looked at the options for a few minutes, but $4 for a yogurt is a bit too rich for my blood. Then I noticed a selection of sandwiches, browsed those, but wasn't grabbed by any in particular. So I decided I'd just grab a coffee.

At this point the 30-something gentleman in front of me turned around...

"Uh, hey."


"I saw you were looking at the salads, and uh, then you were looking at the sandwiches..."

"Uhhh, yea...I was."

"You should, uh, stick with salad."

Thank you, Random Guy, for making me feel like a hambeast. Please go home and eat butter...while crying.

This is here because I'm amazed I can illustrate my insult! :D

Now that my ego has been appropriately crushed...THE FRIDAY SERIES pt 4!!!!!:

(Incidentally, I think that was the best bad poem I have ever written...good job me!) ^_^

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