Friday, 26 July 2013

Be MOAR Funny...!

I've been lax. I've been tired. I've been doubtful... I've been doubting my ideas, my insights, hell I've been doubting my lunch and clothing choices too...

But the difference is I've still been eating and clothing myself (employers: take note of these highly prized skills!), and I haven't been writing hi-larious things for you to chuckle over whilst you sip your brandy (pinky out) and cluck your tongues at the state of the world.

It's hard to be consistently upbeat, or at least entertaining. DUH, CLAIRE. (thanks brain). And the reality is I haven't been pushing myself enough to churn out content. So, I, Claire, do solemnly swear to try to BE MOAR FUNNY.

Look, here is a picture of a cat to apologize:

so majestic...

...Not quite your style? Here is one of the (many) news photos I have saved of our beloved mayor...bask is his buttery glow:


So, how can I amuse you today? Well, last night I went to an NDP backyard BBQ. I'm not even a member, but I do agree with some of their Selma-killing policies, if not their Bart-killing policies.

We arrived, picked up our $6 plate of food, donated a totally reasonable personally dictated amount in exchange several bottles of Steam Whistle, then stood awkwardly eating our quinoa and coming to the realization that every hippie parent from the late 70s was in attendance... at one point I made a crack about the folk music playing via iPod was nearing "The Circle Game" levels...

...only to realize they were, in fact, PLAYING THE CIRCLE GAME.

...I am far, far too cynical to attend these events.

OMFG, Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half has finished her book and you can pre-order it for October 29th... Eeeeee!

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