Wednesday 6 March 2013

Newsflash! Big Corporation, Pattison Uses Illegal Interns!

So, those of you who know me know of my deep disdain for corporations (big or small) who seek to abuse the public.

Oh, I'm not talking about companies like those who run the tobacco industry...I'm talking about those who use illegal unpaid interns.

These companies are without a doubt, THE SCUM OF THE EARTH.

Before I delve into Pattison's recent transgression, here is the Ministry of Labour's stance on internships:

This is the "job" posting I received from Onestop Media (a division of Pattison):

...What was particularly offensive about this, is that is was delivered through my membership with WIFT: Women in Television and Film. An organization who describe themselves as:

Really? So the best way for women to ", advance, and sustain their careers..." is to work for below minimum wage? I beg to differ.

Finding my rage bubbling above it's usual levels, I felt that I HAD to respond... and so I did:

 (sources are here, respectively: 1234)

Oh hey, they responded...

...and so did I...

Just today I read an article in the Toronto Star about the abuses in unpaid internships, and the legal gray area they reside in...

Rise up Generation Y! Rise up MPs and MPPs! Tell these ethically bankrupt criminals to fuck off back to the industrial revolution. No more slave labour! No more employer abuses!

Hey, people who hire unpaid interns, FUCK YOU.


I guess the issue got too hot to handle... WIFT has removed my posts from the forum, but left the original "job" posting up. They will be issuing a statement tomorrow. I hope that WIFT will approach the issue with the rights of the members in mind, and look forward to what the statement's tone and message will be...

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